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Our Work

Our Work

Welcome to mobile, media & more GmbH!


The core of our business is LED technology. In less than three decades, LED has advanced rapidly. mobile, media & more has been supplying customized LED lighting systems to super yachts and prestigious architectural structures for almost twenty years and is considered to be a pioneer in this industry. Because of our continued success over many years, we have acquired extensive knowledge in the LED sector. We are able to tackle complex technical problems, while at the same time fulfilling the most challenging design requirements. 
mobile, media, and more continues to be innovative by utilizing the many and varied lighting configurations which are made available to our customers. Judging by the acceleration of the innovations in the field of LEDs, we guarantee to provide superior designing well into the future!


About Us


Britta Vorfelder is the CEO and top manager of mobile, media & more GmbH. Upon completing her business administration studies, she gained commercial experience while employed by one of the top global players in the IT industry. This training enabled her to establish mobile, media & more at the end of 2003.

Ms. Vorfelder’s company includes a dynamic team of highly qualified technical experts, production specialists, and back office personnel. mobile, media & more has clients which include prominent international yacht builders, interior outfitters of luxury yachts, lighting designers, interior design consultants, lighting planners, and architects. These customers have expressed their appreciation for our creativity, superb quality, complete flexibility, and the ability to expedite our services to them.


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