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News September, 2021


VAIRUS Air Purifier


Innovative purification technology is the latest development which we would like to introduce to you. An air purifier doesn’t need to look unsightly.

VAIRUS air purifiers are powerful devices for a better air quality and combine Titanium Dioxide, photo-active and UV- A LED technologies to destroy 99,9% of harmful volatile substances increasing the well-being in the places where we stay.  

A range of compact and sophisticated designed products can be used as integrated element to track lighting, or as single device on walls or tables, making VAIRUS a very versatile product. All products are available as smart version Casambi control for  iOS & ANDROID.


Dimension of the product itself: 275 (l) x 165 (w) mm

Airflow 126 m³/h

Please contact us for more information. tel +49 6352 70250 or

News February, 2021


NEW Bespoken mounting plates for LED lighting solutions

from mobile, media & more GmbH


The requests for bespoken mounting plates for LED lighting solutions have been increasing during the last two years. This includes suitable and state of the art LED dimming and connector systems used as plug and play components matching the central lighting control systems.


We have expanded our services to meet the requirements of the target industry for our customers. 


One of our amenities includes the electrical planning for LED lighting, light control components and cable solutions, and the creation of unique mounting plates. 


Another benefit provided are the CAD 2D and 3D drawings for your customized production, as well as the conveyance of the full documentation for the defined delivery scope. 

Please find our new product group by clicking on the link here- Bespoken Mounting Plates


as well as our PDF file for a complete overview of our many bespoken mounting plates that we are offering.- Bespoken Mounting Plates PDF

News December, 2020


Hello valued customers and friends! We wish you all seasonal greetings. We are happy that 2020 is going to be finished soon, and look forward to 2021. We made a couple holiday videos for your entertainment. Seasonal greetings and a happy 2021 from mobile, media & more GmbH.


News October 14th, 2020

We like to express our thanks to SuperYacht Industry magazine, who created such a wonderful editorial for us in SYI Volume 15 Issue 3.

Read more about our background and development in the suyeryacht business and share the news of our customized LED solutions.


News May 29th, 2020


Dynamene Milky 10x10 Shorter Cutting Lengths

mobile, media & more reacts to the requirements of interior fitters and designers in the megayacht sector for shorter cut lengths of LED strips. The experts for individual LED solutions now offer their Dynamene Milky 10 x 10 material in a cut length of 41.67 millimeters - instead of the previous cut length of 83.33 millimeters. 

Britta Vorfelder, CEO of mobile, media und more, comments on the product launch as follows: "The designs of yachts are becoming more and more filigree, so that it is possible to work much more precisely with the shorter cutting length". As one of the first projects, an over 100 meter long yacht was equipped with the material, which underwent an elaborate refit in Hamburg. As usual from mobile, media & more, the Dynamene Milky 10 x 10 is of course fire-retardant and UV-resistant (standard protection class IP65) and available as a sideview or topview version. mobile, media & more offers a three-year warranty on the product and supplies it in numerous colours and colour temperatures. 

Milky Injection.jpeg

Dynamene Milky Very Homogeneous Light Line

News May 12th, 2020

The owners of large yachts nowadays almost without exception demand homogeneous light lines on their yachts. When customizing LED strips, this is achieved by the so-called injection process - the encapsulation of the LED strips in a flexible plastic channel

with pre-installed, injected cable feed. mobile, media & more has reacted to this development at a very early stage and relies on "Made in Germany" manufacturing for this process in order to keep functionality and delivery time completely under control. Britta Vorfelder, CEO of mobile, media & more, explains the advantage of in-house production: "We can guarantee an extremely short delivery time due to our machine equipment and our skilled workers and deliver the product in all lengths and versions". Especially in the project or construction phases, these aspects are sometimes of decisive importance.

The portfolio for the injection process includes the Dynamene Milky 10 x 10, the Dynamene 23L and the Dynamene 5050 with dimensions between 10 x 10 and 21 x 11.5 millimeters. The cable outlet can be mounted on four different sides. mobile, media & more offers a three-year guarantee on the product, supplies it in numerous colours and colour temperatures and also as a complete custom solution. 


Dynamene Milky Extreme Color Fidelity

News April 27th, 2020

The colour of an illuminated object depends on the light in which it is viewed - or, more precisely, on the colour spectrum of which white light is composed. While the spectrum of incandescent lamps depends only on their wattage, the colour rendering properties of LED lamps must be specified. 

This is done by specifying the CRI or Ra value, as a colour rendering index. "Whereas around ten years ago a CRI value of 70% was normal, a good illuminant today must have a value of at least 90%. Then colours appear natural, and with values below that the colours look pale," explains Britta Vorfelder, CEO of mobile, media & more. With the Dynamene 10x10 9W CRI>97, the LED specialist from the Rhineland Palatinate has a product in its range that is extremely true to colour. "A CRI value of 97 meets all requirements," says Britta Vorfelder. 

 As you would expect from mobile, media & more, the Dynamene Milky 10 x 10, which is available in two cut sizes (41.67 and 83.3 millimeters), is of course fire-retardant and UV-resistant (IP65 protection class) and is also available as a sideview or topview version. mobile, media & more offers a three-year warranty on the product and supplies it in numerous colour temperatures. 

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