Lighting Passport

The newest generation of spectrometers is the Lighting Passport, which is now being marketed in the marine industry exclusively by mobile, media & more.

Weighing just 63.4 grams, it fits into a trouser pocket and is therefore ideally suited for use in yacht building. The Asensetek (manufacturer’s name) Smartphone Spectrometer measures 15 technical parameters, from the correlated color temperature (CCT) and the color rendering index (CRI) to color space (CIE 1391 and 1976) and color range (ANSI) to the peak wavelength (λp) and the dominant wavelength (λD). The wavelength interval extends from 380 to 780 nm, the illuminance from 100 to 50,000 lux.

The Asensetek Handheld Spectrometer is compatible with both iPhones (iOS) and Androids (4.4.2); the PC evaluation software can be downloaded free of charge. The “Spectrum Genius” app enables the measured results to be stored or emailed by way of a Bluetooth connection.


Customers will be immediately impressed by this practical spectrometer – even if their knowledge of lighting is minimal.

● Development of LED lighting
Light measurement results can be obtained and tested quickly during development.

● Retailers
No need to rely on the information in technical data sheets – now you have continuous quality control.

● Lighting manufacturers
The supplied components and LED modules can be checked for quality quickly and efficiently.
Quality testing can always be performed during production and delivery.

● Lighting planners
The lighting parameters of lamps can be verified quickly.
When old lamps are replaced by new ones, the color temperature of the models can easily be checked, thus ensuring a unified result.


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